Thank You!

Some wonderful people have gone to extraordinary lengths to support our work, raising much-needed funds so we can progress our work, and we’re delighted to be able to thank them here.

Thank You to everyone who has donated.


The first ‘Thank You’ to go out is to the great many people who have clicked our ‘Donate’ button or sent money to us. Big or small, these donations have been a huge help in getting our Foundation going, and moving things onwards to the next phase. To all of you who have helped us in this way, we send our sincere gratitude, in particular for helping us to get closer to our goal of supporting adults with learning disabilities and their families, whose need is so great – you are helping us make a real, positive difference.

Many companies and organisations – and individual people too – have generously contributed to our work, both financially and materially and with ‘Gifts-in-Kind’, and we’re proud to call them our partners and friends in the comprehensive support we seek to provide.

Melanie - Red Carpet Comms_150px
Melanie Faldo

PR expert Melanie Faldo continues to support us with a constant wealth of ideas and opportunities, greatly helping to spread the word about our work in all forms of media. She’s also energetically engaged in making an abundance of contacts among potential new supporters and funders – she’s a much-valued corner-stone of our team!

…and Many More!

We have had support pledged to us by many other companies, organisations, and individuals, and as soon as we can make the most of their generosity and concern for our cause, we will add them to this list, including their icons and what they’ve done to help us help others. These are still relatively early days for ‘Horizons’, and as more of our aims become fulfilled, we will see this list grow into an impressive roster of positive, pro-social, responsible, generous, and caring people and organisations. We have been humbled at the concern and support that has been shown for our cause, and we are immensely grateful for the generosity which will help us make a real difference in the lives of the families we seek to help – thank you all.