Welcome to Kendo’s Day Care, a source of high-quality Day Provision for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

We are based in the idyllic Staffordshire Moorlands and serve the whole of Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Our Day Support services take place at Moor Court, a lovely rural site surrounded by nature with plenty of fascinating activities available – please see our ‘What We Do’ page for more information, which will expand as our services grow.

Please note: – our website is currently under development, so please bear with us as we input all necessary information!

If you would like to know something sepcific, please email us at admin@kendosdaycare.org. Thank you for your patience.

Kendo’s Day Care is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kendo Nagasaki Foundation (the KNF), a charity (Number 1161005) registered in England and Wales, which operates a Zen mindfulness and meditation retreat here at Moor Court. It was founded by Peter Thornley, the man behind Kendo Nagasaki’s iconic mask! Peter has always been a philanthropist and mentor – he established Moorcare on the Moor Court site in 1991, which became one of the biggest and best regarded residential care facilities in Staffordshire. Peter and the KNF trustees have decided to bring similar supportive purposes back to the site, which was so beneficial to its former residents. Several of the original Moorcare staff have joined us and its capable and imaginative team are moving things forward with a view to achieving excellence in care and support here once more.

The Mission Statement of Kendo’s Day Care is as follows:

“To provide high-quality day-support for adults with learning disabilities and autism, to provide a wonderfully positive and enjoyable experience for our service users throughout the idyllic, rural Moor Court site, and at the end of every day for our staff to ask themelves one simple question: “Have I given the quality of support and dedication to our service users that I would expect for myself or one of my loved ones?” If the answer is “Yes”, then we have fulfilled our mission.”

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